The rise of SD-WAN has initiated a small revolution within the networking world. Central management of a WAN network and the ability to onboard networks anywhere in the world due to the replacement of MPLS offers enormous possibilities. Networks become cheaper, more dynamic and are now able to scable more easily.

Even if the sprawl of SD-WAN vendors has made it difficult to identify which approach, vendor or product might be interesting, some vendors stand out because of their thinking beyond SD-WAN. Cato Networks, for example, has succeeded in designing a revolutionary new network architecture having SD-WAN largely embedded. The SD-WAN functionality however is only one of the many tiny spectacular ways they have redesigned networks. Cato Networks has, for example, imagined how we can exploit this way to not only architecturally improve the network but also operationally, melting away lots of problems within the network that now become a breeze to solve. This approach and architecture of Cato Networks has been adopted by Gartner as the term SASE, which stands for Secure Access Service Edge.

SASE means converging point solutions into a single platform. Using the SASE model, most prominent network functionalities, such as SD-WAN, but also Next Generation Firewalling and lots of low level network functionalities such as DHCP and routing, now become part of a single platform, offered as a cloud native service.

SASE revolutionizes the way networks are managed and built. Starting from a tenant in the cloud, working towards sites, cloud resources and users, rather than starting on-premise and building from there on out.

Beginning 2019, Thru had recognized this is the way forward for future enterprise networks. Gartner has recognized this is the way forward since the end of 2019 and uses Cato Networks as a prime sample vendor.

Cato Networks forms the backbone of our solution to you. We use it to manage, secure and expand your network on a global scale. Cato Networks enables us to mitigate many of the classic issues we encounter as engineers and keeps us from losing time.

Cato Networks allows your organisation to obtain a faster, more stable and more dynamic network which provides you unseen visibility and ease of management. We provide a way out of classic MPLS setups and difficult to manage legacy firewall setups.

More information concerning the Cato Networks solutions can be found here.