Even though we’re migrating the base of your network to the cloud, you will still need local connectivity such as a wired or wireless network. To enable us to deliver you the best service, we use Aruba Networks as our set of LAN/WLAN products.

Aruba Networks offers full cloud managed switching and wireless solutions.
We deploy your network in a standardized way so that it scales easily and remains maintainable.
Using Aruba Central, we can manage hundreds or thousands of your devices anywhere in the world.

Building wireless networks however, isn’t always the easiest thing. Many external factors are able to influence the quality of experience. However, using the quality of Aruba products, the functionalities of Aruba Central bundled with our expertise, we are able to deliver reliable and fast wireless networks anywhere in your offices.

Not only does Aruba Central provide centralized management, it also provides additional modules such as guest access which allows us to provide your guests with reliable and easy to access connectivity.