25 june 2020

Lot’s of people seen the diagram below. Simon Sinek’s model defines starting with the why, and working from there on out. We have done this exercise to come to a value proposition, before conceiving of Thru.

The Why

Our why was very clear of day one, we want to improve the life of everyone responsible for managing and building networks. We want to take away the pain of managing technology that has been around for years but never built in a way that actually improves the lives of those who manage it and in turn the businesses that need it. We also want to transform networks from blockers into enablers. We feel too much time is lost because of common tasks and that the time has come to revolutionize the way its done. Ofcourse we don’t consider the mere existence of a new network technology a reason to use it, we consider it because it improves our networking lives.

The How

By considering all technologies, by considering what customers need and using our experience to weed out what building blocks are relevant and which are not, we are able to do away with traditional networking and start from scratch with a clean slate. Unbound to networking vendors we have chosen the most innovative solutions that solve the actual issues imposed on our customers. We have recognized that many other integrators or service providers stick to traditional technologies. For many reasons such as commercial, lack of resources to handle a new approach but very often simply because they don’t consider the customer and simply mimic what is already out there.

The What

The result is our comprehensive service set, based on products that we consider to be the solution to the major set of common problems occuring at our target customers. Our service is based on the revolutionary SASE model by Cato Networks and is complemented by access network essentials of Aruba Networks. Cato Networks allows us and our customers to cooperate easily and scale their networks endlessly. Cato Networks also allows us to transform to a co-manage approach, because of it’s simplicity. Aruba Networks covers the basics in a non-painful manner to extend the networks into the access layer.

Cato Networks

Cato Networks is a revolutionary network service which laid the groundworks for the SASE model. Cato Networks was founded in 2015 as a managed SD-WAN provider but has since then extended the platform to a unique model which was named SASE by Gartner.

Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks is a prime network solutions provider recognzed by Gartner as one of the leaders for enterprise networks. Aruba Networks has an extensive portfolio for wired and wireless solutions as well as cloud management functionality.