Cato NETWORKS Expands Its Remote Working Functionality

25 march 2020

Cato Networks already offers a comprehensive solution for working from home using their Cato VPN Client. This client enables users to work from home or the office in a seamless manner. The VPN client autodetects if you are working from the office or a remote location and secures the user anywhere as if he/she would be working from the office, providing the same resources  and the same security policies.

Today, Cato launches Cato Instant Access which also provides clientless access to resources. Cato Instant Access provides even faster deployments of remote access to users or partners. Built on the Cato SDP (software-defined-perimeter) which already scales endlessly from the cloud, Cato Instant Access introduces a full clientless cloud based remote working solution into the Cato SASE architecture.

Cato Instant Access provides a rapid deployment, endlessly scalable and optimally performing cloud remote access anywhere in the world. 

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